Wunzo Game is a very powerful project under blockchain technology

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Wunzo Game is a very powerful project under blockchain technology. I really like the concept of this project, very good idea with a strong team — We will support this project. I actively follow the news of this project and I really like the communication format of the team. This project, run by players from different countries, is working towards the purpose of good relations and easy transactions. So let’s hope their plans are implemented perfectly. This project will occupy a very high quality place in cryptocurrency. There is no question about this because the market is already in a good position. This project in the eyes of many large investors. This project has become an investor favorite because or because this project will not be in the public eye. Investors can greatly benefit from this project. Team members have taken many good initiatives to achieve the goals. So it can be said without a doubt that this project has every chance of success.


The platform token is a BEP20 token registered with the token name Wunzo (WNZ) and propagated on the blockchain by the platform. WNZ is one of the major currencies used to unlock Wunzo items.


Wunzo’s total supply will be limited to 50,000,000 WNZ during the implementation of the smart contract


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Wunzo Game The future is very bright. If you are talking about a good project for the future, then this project should be called wunzo. Because there is already a lot of criticism about this project in the market Everyone’s favorite is this project. Undoubtedly this project will occupy the first place of the cryptocurrency. We are very lucky that Wunzo was able to get involved in it. The Wunzo game. Users can now create awesome robots using Wunzo’s open API, for both private use and paid public use. Bots are AI’s that can do a number of useful things by automated activities on your behalf, such as implementing strategies. The best thing about bots is that bots can be purchased, so this is a great opportunity for developers to put their bots in the Wunzo store for public use, in exchange for a price they charge upfront.


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Smart NFT Table Games For decades, traditional table, dice and card games such as Poker and Ludo have attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. However, fun as these games may be, they don’t make up for money in exchange for the time and effort people put in. The DeFi industry will undoubtedly change all of this. Depending on their knowledge and skills, they can earn from every game they win. That said, players (Roller) can earn thousands of dollars simply by doing what they enjoy.


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Winning the Ludo game will give you back at least 200% of your earnings. And if it’s a 4-player game, it will increase to 400% per game.

As for the game of poker, it will give you back at least 200% of your earnings, up to 900% if it is a 9-player game.

Ludo tournaments have 16 tables, with 4 players each. So, as a winner, your payout rate is 6400%.

The poker tournament has 18 tables, with 9 players each. So, as a winner, your payout rate is 16200%.


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Game Type: For now, the game is Poker or Ludo (more games will be added in the near future).

Token: From the selection of BEP20 tokens, you can choose the type of token that players will use as a currency for participation fees.

Entry Fee: Each player must pay a fee as a purchase amount to participate in the game.

Number of players: The number of players needed to start the game is directly related to the type of game set (for example in a game of Poker, it takes from 2 to 9 players and from 2 to 4 players for Ludo).

Portion of the table: This is the cost of your table, including the Wunzo commission. Let’s assume your table commission is set at 5%, Wunzo will receive 1% as a fixed commission and the remaining 4% will be transferred to your wallet. However, the table fee will be deducted by the Prize winner.

Password (optional): To ensure table privacy, you can create a password that will be used by players (setting a password will not make your game invisible in the queue).

For Sale: You can set a price greater than 0 if you want players to know what your table is for sale. Pricing type of token, will the same as your table token .


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When Rollers play to generate revenue, they use NFT tables that generate profits for the Dealers and the platform, allowing us to pass our stake to Shareholders who have accumulated their tokens to increase the value of the exclusive Wunzo items offered to Rollers to offset theirs. losses.


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We wrote a white paper for our project and explained its different parts.

We have created the main website for the platform which contains all the information about the project.

We have uploaded an educational video about the project.

Let’s define a roadmap and a timeline of each step.

We have started developing the beta version of the platform.

• Pre-announcement of our project and community training (suggestions considered).

• Deploy a beta version of the platform on the blockchain for community testing.

• Launch of the platform on Binance Smart Contract (BSC).

• Launch of the first sale of tokens and tables.

• The official launch of the platform.

• Promote the project through social media and other networks.

• Increase of stacking tools (Shareholders can start stacking WNZ).

• Launch of the platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

• Launched the teleportation system.


The best project right now is Wunzo. It is one of thousands of projects in the world of cryptocurrencies. Stacking is one of the most idle ways to make money. By stacking your tokens you will become part of the Full-House team. Your earnings are determined by. Among the best quality projects in the current cryptocurrency project Wunzo Uno of them. wunzo token The future is very bright. And soon this token will go to the moon.

Official Link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WunzoOfficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4HQDER58jLUUhZa2Uv_Kw


BTT user name: Hasan986

BTT profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1072443

BSC/Bep20: 0x478C1358706c4F04dfdf34218585f306cEa8f5ac