UnityFund is a project based on the search for innovative ways to enable our users to combine their strengths to open up new opportunities for passive income generation and collectivism.
We’ve worked harder to ensure our community knows we’re here for the long-term and that making our token proof has become a priority in V1.

UnityFund is backed by a team of over 100 marketers, developers, creatives and blockchain professionals and, as a result, provides more reliable projects to be a part of than many other projects on the market.
With the impending move to V2, UnityFund DeFi and DAO platforms will be rolled out, enabling increased staking and yields, just like we do as distributed governance.

To provide UnityFund with optimal conditions for growth and development, the team is committed to long-term participation and has taken various measures to ensure a safe and carpet-free environment for the ecosystem.

The general purpose of UnityFund is the structural purpose. As can be seen with major blockchain-based projects, the technology itself is simply a tool for creating systems capable of creating value and effectively channeling it between system users to drive growth, system sustainability and maintenance applications. .
Our goal is to design and implement a system that simultaneously creates value for token holders, encouraging them to continue to support the community and interact for personal gain, but also to create automated mechanisms to extract a large amount of existing value. created by UnityFund and directs it to global charitable causes.

While there are many profound and often unique benefits to applying decentralization to a wide range of issues, we believe one of the most significant is the ability to combine the desire of large numbers of geographically dispersed individuals to effect change in one way. that aligns with their individual aspirations for what the world should be like, but perhaps not yet.

Help the chairty
Use your vote to vote for charities and organizations that will help make the world a little better every day.
Over 100 digital marketing professionals
unityFund is supported by over 100 marketing professionals, designers, developers and writers with a passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
More liquidity, less supply
4.5% of all UNITY transactions are automatically logged and blocked with this algorithm that cuts available inventory.
Looking at the future
Many of today’s projects are here today lost tomorrow, but UnityFund plans for the long term.
Join the Fun Crypto Community Fun
Aside from all the serious businesses that use the power of our cryptocurrency to change the world, the Unity community is a fun and friendly place to be.

Get passive results from UNITY
all UNITY token holders receive a 4% share taken from each transaction and distributed

We are committed to this long-term project to build something that we as a community look to the future and are proud to say that we are part of it and that it generates the greatest benefit to our community and the charities we own. will support.

we strongly believe in the potential of decentralization to improve the way almost any structure or system works when you look at it from the perspective of the group that represents the largest number of participants. unityFund, at its core, is a system designed to symbiotically link the interests of our community with the interests of the millions of people who need help around the world.
While there are many organizations and people who are already working to alleviate so much suffering that continues to plague humanity, new and innovative ways to help in this effort will only benefit us as a global community.

About UnityFund, click the link below




TELEGRAM GROUP:https://t.me/UnityFundHQ


Bitcointalk username: Hasan986

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1072443

BSC WALLET : 0x478C1358706c4F04dfdf34218585f306cEa8f5ac




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