The First Token Linking Learning Institutions, Students and Entrepreneurs- STUDENT COIN

Blockchain Technology is set to Fundamentally change how we live our lives. Despite the widespread adoption of blockchain in various other sectors, education has been largely untapped. This is largely due to the lack of infrastructure that enables learning institutions to interact seamlessly with each other.


Student Coin (STC) is the world’s first token created for students that aims to educate about blockchain technology and promote early adoption. These projects are run by students from various universities, research clubs and employers under the supervision of academic lecturers.
Student Coin is a hybrid blockchain platform that works perfectly on Ethereum and Waves. This allows students to create their own tokens and trade them on various exchanges. This tool allows students to easily create and manage their own tokens based on their university. University-specific tokens can be stored in the student application and used on STC Exchange.

Despite being present in more than 500 universities around the world, Student Coin is still not very well known outside the education sector. Through its network it will allow students to interact with the university without having to pay.

This project aims to create a multi-university network that will connect universities globally. Students will be able to use the tokens provided by the platform to pay for education. STC aims to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the education sector by encouraging students to learn about cryptocurrency and the blockchain as a whole.

Unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin cannot be mined. Instead, it is distributed through presale. This allows the platform to implement all plans from Phase 4. The Education Division of the Student Coin Ecosystem aims to provide everything students need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Through this section, students will study various aspects of blockchain technology, such as tokenization and decentralized finance.

The tokenization industry focuses on creating custom tokens and developing a global academic network using blockchain technology. STC Terminal: Software that allows users to develop and manage their own custom tokens. STC Exchange: A public cryptographic exchange that supports the use of student coins.

The Student App is a mobile application that allows international students to store, exchange and use tokens created at STC. Students can now access their school’s essential services through the use of a utility token called the Student Coin. These digital coins can be used to pay for various online activities and expenses.

Students can easily vote through the platform. In addition, they can sign petitions or vote on project development plans. Students can easily raise money for their startup project or for a university-based organization through the use of Student Coin.

Through this project, students will be able to acquire new skills and learn from peers through the use of blockchain technology. This will greatly improve the quality of education and make universities more competitive in the global market.

Why is The STC Token ?

The purpose of the STC token is to provide students with the best possible education. That is why it is the most important token in the world. The reduction in tuition will also reduce the budget for other programs and activities to support higher education. So, the Student Coin team came up with a solution that decentralized student loans: crowdfunding with personal tokens.

Student Coin is a distributed ledger that uses the Waves-NG and Ethereum blockchains. The original blockchain will be built using the Proof of Stake protocol. Student Coins are managed on the Waves and Ethereum blockchains. The original blockchain was built on the Waves-NG protocol.

How can you buy STC Tokens ?

The Student Coin Launchpad ICO now available until April 30th. You can get your tokens at any time during this period. The price increases by $ 0.0002 after each reload. You can earn 20% ETH if your friend invests in ICO via your referral link. Your friends also receive an additional 5% of the STCs purchased for each friend you connect with.


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