DeGeThal is a platform designed for easy access to cryptocurrencies, it hosts payments, exchanges and other transactions


DeGeThal is a platform designed for easy access to cryptocurrencies, it hosts payments, exchanges and other transactions on its platform, making digital currencies available to everyone.

Thanks to the pandemic, many have lost their jobs or work for half their pay without incentives; therefore, DeGeThal was created to provide passive income to its users while still having active income. Many use this platform as passive and active income.

DeGeThal application

Digital creates an application that allows its users to check the value of any digital currency and cryptocurrency they own; it allows them to open a bank account for any money, sort the money in the order they prefer, support buying and selling, and has different modes to choose from according to their preferences.

The DeGeThal presale takes place between 23 August and 23 September. People are encouraged to invite as many people as possible to take advantage of this platform by giving 5% of their contribution as a bonus. To claim the reward, the user must contribute to the presale stage and to obtain the referral link, the link to their wallet is essential.


DeGeThal has launched a token called DTM to allow them to integrate transactions on their platform. This token is on the Binance Network with the BEP-20 protocol and can serve as a utility and governance token.

DTM tokens are used to make payments, stakes and voting rights on the platform; and can be managed on the DeGeThal platform by placing the app on the user’s device. Users must purchase these tokens in advance for future use.

Decentralized Thaler.

Decentralized Thaler is a core element of DeGeThal tokenomics and easily integrates into the platform model. It is printed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a smart contract environment from the world’s leading exchange Binance and the fastest growing blockchain.

DeGeThal is now available for purchase within the limits of the private sale process and users can participate in private sales via major traditional wallets such as MetaMask, which will close on July 15, 2021. All attendees will enjoy a 5% discount.

In the first pre-sale phase, i.e. until August 15, 2021, the DTM price will be set at 0.2 USDT, in the second phase, i.e. until September 15, 221, 0.25 USDT, and in the final phase, which will take place between 15 September and October 15, 2021, will be USDT 0.3 per DTM rate.

DTM tokens are limited to 100,000,000, which is the maximum liquid supply, and only 50,000,000 will be available for the sale, presale and public sale stages. 20% of the tokens will be awarded for future project development, while 10% will be used for rewards, teams and marketing allocations.

DeGeThal is built to manage all transactions in the ecosystem and ensure that all of its users' assets are safe. It does not allow any intervention by third parties, not even by DeGeThal itself.


DeGeThal intends to provide a crypto, e-smart and innovative banking and trading platform that users can quickly evaluate, which is why DTM serves as a utility token in the ecosystem. All holders will trade cryptocurrencies at lower prices.

Official Information :

Official Information

Bitcoin talk user name: Hasan986
Bitcoin talk profile link:;u=1072443
Twitter: @Hasan998866
Telegram : @Hasan2078
Wallet Address BEP-20 : 0x478C1358706c4F04dfdf34218585f306cEa8f5ac




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